The Shield Maiden's Wrath

The Hauntings at Yuletide

Blue is the Old Black

You can find articles by dr. Arngrímur in these books:

Paranormal Encounters in Iceland 1150–1400
Margins, Monsters, Deviants Alterities in Old Norse Literature and Culture

Sagas and Eddas

Sledgehammer Judgements from an English Poet

Icelandic Food and Cookery by Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir (mentioned in the episode) is a great source of information and Icelandic cuisine.

The Smartest People In The World

Whose People Are You?

Ragnar Furry Pants and the Sagas

Ragnar Loðbrók (furry pants) is one of the most famous heroes of Icelandic literature. Today he is more famous as the lead character of the television series Vikings but here is the original story. Continue reading “Ragnar Furry Pants and the Sagas”

Hear, Smith of Heavens

The Age of the Sturlungs was the most violent period in Icelandic history.  But it also produced beautiful art. Here I examine the relationship between bishop Guðmundur the Good and the chieftain Kolbeinn Tumason. Continue reading “Hear, Smith of Heavens”

Troublemaker Valley

In the north of Iceland there is valley called Svarfaðardalur. It has long history, beautiful scenery and great stories. From the ghosts of the Sagas to the impoverished children of the early twentieth centuries. Continue reading “Troublemaker Valley”