Home Alone

Two tales about the perils of being left home alone during Yule.

[Today, December 22. 2023, there is currently no volcanic eruption, that might change soon.]

My Cursed Ancestors

In the 17th century, Iceland was thrown into a panic about witchcraft. My ancestor Einar Nikulásson lived through almost the exact period of the “age of burning” and has gone down in folklore as “Galdrameistari” or “master of sorcery”. These stories also implicated his descendants, especially Þórarinn Einarson, Jón Einarsson and Einar Jónsson (the last two are also my ancestors).

This episode explores these stories and the reputations of these real men, earned and unearned.

The Beast of Katanes

Coal Bottom Poker Riding

The Ghost of the Scorned Woman

The Boy Who Didn\'t Know What Fear Was

The Brothers of Bakki

The Naked Seal Clubber

A Trollish Yuletide Tale

The Tale Heard Around The World

Goldie Locks and Beardie

Iceland's Only Serial Killer

Queen of Elves

Queen of Elves

Gable Mountain Farm

In Vopnafjörður there is a farm called Bustarfell which has long history and is connected to many stories.

The Deacon of Dark-River (Folktale Special)

This is a special episode, and a bit shorter than usual, where I read and examine the folktale The Deacon of Dark-River. Continue reading “The Deacon of Dark-River (Folktale Special)”