A Runaway Slave in Iceland

The Dog Days King

The English Dane by Sarah Bakewell was my main source for Jörgensen’s later life in Tasmania.

A Spotify link to the album Eitt sumar á landinu bláa, from the musical about Jörgensen, performed by the band Þrjú á palli.

An online version of the book Journal of a tour in Iceland in the summer of 1809 by William Jackson Hooker.

Scottish Plans for the Annexation of Iceland by Anna Agnarsdóttir (pdf).

An article in Icelandic by Bragi Þorgrímur Ólafsson on the changing perception of Jörgensen in Iceland through time.

An Icelandic book that includes much of the original source material: Sjálfstæði Íslands 1809.

A thesis project, in Icelandic, outlining a pitch for a television series about Guðrún Einarsdóttir Johnsen.