What’s in an Icelandic Name (Stories of Iceland – Episode 6)

Confused about our naming conventions? Listen to this. The patronymic naming system used in Iceland is rather perplexing and we have unusual laws dealing with both first names and last names.

Also, big thanks to André Bernier who interviewed me for his podcast Weatherjazz – episode 79.

Hear, Smith of Heavens (Stories of Iceland – Episode 5)

The Age of the Sturlungs was the most violent period in Icelandic history.  But it also produced beautiful art. Here I examine the relationship between bishop Guðmundur the Good and the chieftain Kolbeinn Tumason.

Yule – Not Christmas (Stories of Iceland – Episode 4)

Iceland has thirteen Yule-Lads, a cat which eats children, strange songs and a long colorful history of celebrating Jól.
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The Thing About Þings (Stories of Iceland – Episode 3)

A word you hear again and again in Iceland is þing but what does it really mean and what is its history? We take a journey through the ages of Iceland to figure it out.

Smoke by the Water (Stories of Iceland – Episode 2)

This is the story of Reykjavík but also about how Iceland was discovered. Continue reading “Smoke by the Water (Stories of Iceland – Episode 2)”

Troublemaker Valley (Stories of Iceland – Episode 1)

Jóhann with staff and fellow patients

In the north of Iceland there is valley called Svarfaðardalur. It has long history, beautiful scenery and great stories. From the ghosts of the Sagas to the impoverished children of the early twentieth centuries. Continue reading “Troublemaker Valley (Stories of Iceland – Episode 1)”